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Cold Sandwiches

A choice of delicious fillings on our locally baked artisan bread. See board for our daily and seasonal specials. Salad boxes: 25p supplement.


Oven roasted chicken breast & salad. £3.10
Chicken mayo & crispy bacon £3.30
Chicken mayo & salad £3.15
Chicken tikka £2.70
Chicken breast, roasted peppers & mayo £3.25
Chicken breast with homemade sausagemeat stuffing £3.10
Chicken BLT - with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo £3.60
Coronation Chicken £2.70
Chicken & Chorizo with lemon & paprika mayo £3.40


Ham, brie & sweet chilli cranberry £3.75
Ham & homemade coleslaw £2.70
Ham Salad £2.75
Ham & cheese (Cheddar or Swiss) £2.90
Parisienne - ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & dijon mustard mayo £3.35
BLT - crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo £3.00


Homemade houmous with roasted peppers & rocket £3.00
Houmous with yoghurt & mint, cucumber, red onion & mixed leaves £3.00

Turkey Breast

Turkey breast, bacon, tomato & mayo £3.35
Turkey, Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, dijon mustard mayo & mixed leaves £3.70


Beef Salad £3.30
Beef & house horseradish dressing with mustard & creme fraiche £3.00


Tuna mayo & salad £3.00
Lemon Tuna - fresh lemon, red onion, cucumber & rocket £3.30
Mediterranean Tuna - roasted chargrilled peppers & salad £3.50
Prawn mayo £3.40
Sweet chilli prawns with rocket £3.80


Cheese salad (Cheddar or Swiss) £2.70
Cheese savoury salad £3.10
Cheddar Ploughmans - mature Cheddar, sweet pickle, red onion, tomato & lettuce £3.00


Egg mayo £2.45
Egg mayo & crispy bacon £3.20
Sliced egg & salad £2.70

Cold Sandwich Extras

Mustard: English or Dijon 10p
Mayonnaise 15p
Barbeque sauce 35p
Sweet chilli sauce 25p
Salsa 25p
Cranberry sauce 35p
Sweetcorn 20p
Homemade pease pudding 30p
Crispy bacon 65p
Cheddar or Swiss cheese 65p
Roasted peppers 50p
Red onion, grated carrot 10p
Salad (iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato) 50p
Homemade coleslaw 45p
Jalapenos 25p
Sliced egg 50p

Hot Sandwiches - freshly made in store

Bacon £2.30
Sausage £2.20
Double egg £2.20
Mixed grill £3.95
Hot BLT £3.30


Onions 45p
Beans 45p
Tomato 45p
Egg 55p
Black pudding 55p
Mushrooms 55p
Sausage 60p
Bacon 70p
Cheese 75p

Hot snacks - freshly made in store

Jacket potatoes

Just butter £1.95
Homemade coleslaw £2.95
Grated Cheddar cheese £3.20
Cheese & homemade coleslaw £3.50
Beans £2.90
Cheese & beans £3.50
Tuna mayo £3.30
Chicken tikka £3.50
Homemade chilli beef with cheese & creme fraiche £4.20
Add salad to any of the above 60p

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